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Science Songs

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Science Songs

These on knowledge} song lyrics are ready from a variety of albums:

Science Musical Plays

Biomes: Animals including Plants within their Habitats - Bad Wolf Press

Environmental Show - Bad Wolf Press

The Garden Show - Bad Wolf Press

Geology ROCKS! - Bad Wolf Press

It's Electrifying - Bad Wolf Press

Life Cycles: How Plants including Animals Change - Bad Wolf Press

Matter including Its Properties: The Science of Stuff - Bad Wolf Press

Name that Internal Organ - Bad Wolf Press

The Nutrition Show - Bad Wolf Press

The Oceanography Show: Tide Pool Condos - Bad Wolf Press

The Rumpus within the Rainforest - Bad Wolf Press

Vacation On Mars - Bad Wolf Press

Science Songs

Dinosaurs & Paleontology

See our side on Dinosaur Songs Physical Science Songs


Day Sky, Night Sky – Jack Hartmann

Energy from the Sun – Jack Hartmann

Fireball – Earth Mama - Joyce Rouse

Fireball Dance Mix – Earth Mama - Joyce Rouse

Hey oh, Galileo – J.P. Taylor

I'm the Moon – Kathleen Wiley

Kepler Said – Professor Boggs

The Little Bear –Jim Thorne

Our Solar System – Music Movement & Magination

Planet Jive – Tickle Tune Typhoon

Planet Placement Dance – Music with Mar.

Planet Rap – Ron Brown

Sky Objects – Musically Aligned

Solar System – Musically Aligned

The Stars Go By –Jim Thorne

To Follow Apollo –Jim Thorne

Voices from the Sky –Jim Thorne

Chemistry Songs

Acids including Bases – MindMuzic

Atom Matter – Tickle Tune Typhoon

Atoms including Molecules – MindMuzic

Electrons Flowing – Science within Song

The Elements – Tickle Tune Typhoon

The Elements Song – Science within Song

E-VAP-O-RATE – Musically Aligned

Get Your Molecules Movin' – J.P. Taylor

Hey, Avogadro – Professor Boggs

Matter Is Everywhere! – J.P. Taylor

Molecules – Ron Brown

Move Like Molecules Move – Jack Hartmann

Physical Property Sense – Musically Aligned

Pillar of Sound – Story through Frank Bruen

Solid, Liquid or Gas? – Ron Brown

Solid, Liquid or Gas Groove – Musically Aligned

That's Matter – Lauren Mayer

What's the Matter? – Jack Hartmann

What is Matter? – MindMuzic

Songs about Simple Machines

A Wedge – Ken Whiteley

Big Wheel - Little Wheel – Ken Whiteley

Forces Can Push or Pull – Jack Hartmann

It Takes Force – Ken Whiteley

Six Simple Machines – J.P. Taylor

Up & Down An Incline Plane – Ken Whiteley

Science Songs

Earth Science including Geology Songs

Air – Frank Bruen

Air is Everywhere – Jack Hartmann

Compass Construction – Musically Aligned

Conservation Nation – J. P. Taylor

Every Little Drop of Water – Fred Gee

Folding, Faulting, including Intrusion – Lyrical Earth Science

Garbage Blues – Dennis Westphall

The Good Earth – Jack Hartmann

Gravity – Professor Boggs

The Green Revolution – Judy Leonard

Interdependence Day – J. P. Taylor

Introduction to Geology – Lyrical Earth Science

Keep Your World Clean – Marilyn M. Linford

Layers of the Earth – MindMuzic

Let's Take Care of the Earth – Debbie Clement

Living on a Layer Cake – Chris Rawlings

Mass Movement – Lyrical Earth Science

MOHS Rock Hardness Scale – Kathleen Wiley

Plate Tectonics – Lyrical Earth Science

Pollution – Kathleen Wiley

Rain, Snow, Hail or Sleet – Ron Brown

Recycle – Judy Leonard

Reduce, Reuse including Recycle – Jack Hartmann

Rock Cycle – Professor Boggs

The Rock Cycle – J.P. Taylor

Rock Cycle Rock – Chris Rawlings

Rock Cycle Rap – Allendale's Got Talent

Rocks: Igneous, Sedimentary including Metamorphic – Jim Thompson

Rock Types – MindMuzic

Saturated Zone – Chris Rawlings

Save the Earth! – Dianne Baker

Sedimentary, Metamorphic, Igneous – Kathleen Wiley

Sedimentary Rock – Marla Lewis

Solar Energy – Ron Brown

Some Mountains – Chris Rawlings

That's the Earth (Earth’s Physical Features) – Music Movement & Magination

Topographic Maps – Lyrical Earth Science

Water within the Air – Skip West

The Water Cycle – Lauren Mayer

Water Cycle Song – Foster Brown

Water Cycle Song – Jim Thompson

Water is So Amazing – Jack Hartmann

Weathering of Rocks – Lyrical Earth Science

We’ve Got the Power – J. P. Taylor

Why Rivers Flow – Frank Bruen

Physics Songs

See the whole amount of our Physics Songs

Biology Songs

See also: Biology Songs

Science Songs

Metric Songs

King Henry Died By Drinking Chocolate Milk – Science Maniacs

The Metric Song – Kathleen Carroll

The Metric System: Units of Length – Tim Pacific

The Metric System Rap – Earth Tone Productions

Metric Unit Conversions (An acronym song) – Middle School Math Music

Use Metrics — Street Style – Christina DeSanto

See extra of our Science Songs for Young Children, Fruit, Vegetable, Gardening, Oceans, Ponds, Arctic, Rainforest, Safari, Farm, Pirates including Outer Space Song Lyrics

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