Drawing And Painting Animals Animals Drawing And Painting

Drawing and Painting Animals

Hallo, Good Afternoon, this session will explain about animals drawing and painting Drawing and Painting Animals see more

Drawing and Painting Animals

Sullivan Family Gallery

Robert Hartshorn & Sharon Pomales: Just Add Water

OCT 11 - NOV 8 2019

Two unconventional, award winning local artists present variations supported by the motif of...WATER!!!. Think submarine scenes, mermaids and more sea life, lakes, streams, waterfalls, aquariums, scuba diving. And on course, perceive scenes about how we human beings relate to the watery world. Be immersed in the appeal on our wet blue planet with the playful acrylic, oil, pastel and watercolor artworks on these two classically representational artists. Sharon and Rob ask their audience to jump in and perceive water from all modern perspectives.

Drawing and Painting Animals

Dianne Boldman Education Gallery

Night Gallery

OCT 11 - NOV 8, 2019

This group show will exhibit original work created to illustrate the stories on our BAYarts Writer’s Salon led by instructor Susan Mangan. This motif is loosely based supported by the Rod Serling sequence which ran from 1969-1973. The writers and artists will explore thought-provoking dark fantasy perfect for the Halloween month.


Bill Forester

Eliza Wing

Eric Dull

James Giar

Janet Wade

Jessica Ramage

John Carlson

Karen Petkovic

Robert Hartshorn

Sharon Pomales Tousey


Alice Roddy

Alyssa Kyle

Andrea Richards

Carole Geiger

Catherine Marquardt

Jessica Stockdale

Joe George

Julie Marlin

Lauren Givan

Susan Mangan

Opening Reception: Friday, Oct 11th from 7-9pm

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